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CHOKING HAZZARD!!!  Please keep children in tow.  Everything in our store has a potential to be put in mouth or up nose.  Enter with caution.  We are NOT babysitters.  Watch your children.

CHAIN (by the foot or in our jewelry)

The word “chain” and “jewelry" mean the same thing in this document.

Metallic Composition of Plating on our chain.
Sophisticated and radiant jewelry enhances any ensemble with a touch of class and elegance.  While many consumers gravitate towards precious metal pieces for their value, beauty, and hypoallergenic properties, they often come at a high cost.  Gold and silver plated jewelry offer an attractive alternative for those who desire the look and benefits of luxury jewelry without the expensive price tag.  My supplier has developed a high quality plated product that not only mimics solid gold chain it also has the same hypoallergenic properties as gold does.  The unique plating process utilizes real 18K gold, sterling silver and copper to create the appearance we all desire with the high cost.

Comparing Precious Metals to Plated Jewelry
The primary distinction between precious metal and plated jewelry lies in the composition. Plated jewelry utilizes a blend of metals to create the appearance of precious metal pieces. To achieve this, they employ copper and other plating techniques to bond 18K gold, sterling silver to the base metal.

What is the Gold content in our plating? 
The 18K gold plated chain serves as an example.  It is created through a multi-step plating process.  The gold content in the plating can fluctuate slightly, but typically measures around 1 mils thick (25.4 microns) of 18K gold.

If it's not pure gold, what is the plating made of? 
They use a proprietary mixture developed over years of research and testing for the plating.  They first bond a thin copper layer to the base metal (usually brass) before immersing it in 18K gold. Then, they use electricity to bond the gold to the core material. Finally, an e-coating is applied to ensure the product's durability.  This method applies to all chain finishes, using different metal and resulting in varied prices. Their gold, rose gold, and matte gold finishes are currently the most expensive options.  Each finish results consists of a combination of metals to achieve the appearance of a solid precious metal product.  For instance, the shiny silver finish includes sterling silver in the plating and follows the same process as gold plating.  The matte finishes involve an extra step in the plating process. A matte acrylic layer is applied to the finish to reduce shininess. This finish receives an e-coating to ensure durability as well.

Durability and care of plated jewelry
Plated jewelry, although not as resilient as solid precious metal pieces, can still offer lasting beauty with proper care.  The e-coating applied to our plated jewelry improves durability and helps protect against tarnishing and scratches however, it's important to remember that the plating can eventually wear off with time and use.  Especially if you do not care for your plated jewelry as follows:

1. Avoid exposing your jewelry chain to repeated water, chemicals or abrasive substances.  Remove before swimming, showering or sweating.  Do not use perfumes, lotions and cleaning products.

2. Gently clean with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils.  Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning or cleaning cloths. 

3. Store your chain or jewelry in separate bags to keep finish nice and avoid scratching.

4. Minimize wear and tear by rotating jewelry and giving your piece a break from use.

5. Replace your chain as needed.

6. Plated jewelry is NOT INTENDED for a recent new fad called "permanent jewelry".  I just found out about this fad. It freaks me out! LOL but please don't use this for this type of jewelry. 


Our filigree is American made and also plated in America.  In New Egland which are the masters of this process.  This is the filigree in the red bins along the West wall.  It comes in 3 finishes.  Antique Silver, Antique Brass and Antique Copper.  It's made to look vintage because in most cases the dies that make these are very old.  Some over 100 years.   We have had special rings made in these to fit 12mm, 14mm and 18mm Swar. rivolis. They are my favorite.  The filigree is all nickel and lead free.  It is plated over brass.  We have had no trouble with the plating.  The copper will darken with age. You can buy an extensive selection in our Etsy store.  There is a link on our home page to our Etsy store.


We do not carry Sterling Silver or Gold charms.  There are a few around in with the vintage jewelry items but not as a matter of course.  Most of our charms are plated brass or pewter.  We have a huge selection.  Also lots of the super popular enamel charms.  These are great quality but are not to be thought of as the same quality as sterling or gold.  It all depends on how they are treated.  The same standard of care as our chain would be a good starting point of how these charms should be used or cared for.  Keep in mind that anklets get a lot more use and abuse than bracelets or necklaces.


Vintage jewerly is sold "AS IS".  Items can be anywhere from 25 years old all the way to 150 years old (antique). You should check your items closely before you purchase.  I cannot garauntee the authenticity of any item.  I do my best to research pieces but I do not claim to be an expert. I believe prices are fair but buyer beware.  Don't forget all sales are final.


I have no way to check the authenticity of our gemstones.  Most of them we can tell but there are counterfiet stones out there now a days that are very difficult to tell.  The counterfiet market is huge.  Especially in turquoise and amber.  I do my best to buy from reputable dealers but sometimes I get my stones from obscure places and I cannot verify their authenticity.  Much of the stone market is treated in some way.  Heat treated, resin treated and dyed are a few.  We have had an instance a couple of times through the years where a dye actually came off on someones clothes! Yikes! Both instances were red bamboo coral.  But one never knows these days.  Please educate yourself as best you can. I am not an expert in the healing quality of stones.  I have a big thick book on these qualities for you to use. 


We have some ready made vintage chains hanging where the spooled chain is that are finished.  I would say these are probably from the 80s to 90s.  I have no way to tell if these are nickel and lead free. Most I believe are brass based.  They are decent for cheaper uses.  But I bought these from a gentleman who used to do shows who has since passed away.  Buy and use with caution. 


These were bought from the same gentleman stated above.  I have know way to know if these are nickel and lead free.  They are probably from the 80s and 90s.  I believe that most of them are brass based.  There are a few at the sought end that may be zinc based.  Buy and use with caution.


All made in Czech Republic and has the same quality that we've come to love over the years.


Our resin is UV resin.  Please wear gloves and safety goggles when using.  Wash hands immediately after exposure.  Please read bottle for further warnings and cautions.  DO NOT get in eyes.