COVID-19 POLICY  Update May 10th 2021 until further notice.


We are slowly trying to lighten up on mask restrictions.  If you have had both your shots, gone past your waiting period after your second shot and have no symptoms we may at our discretion not require a mask.  However, we are still a bit paranoid about this. IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD YOUR SHOTS you are REQUIRED TO WEAR  A MASK, PERIOD.  Having had Covid does not exempt you! HAND SANITIZER is provided and will always be required upon entering at this time. I know everyone is tired of the mask thing but we just want to be safe. So please come with your masks and depending on circumstances for that day you may or may not be required to wear one. We will still be social distancing as much as possible. 

 If you have a health condition that does not allow you to follow the above requirements then you should choose to shop on line or request a curbside delivery. We clean shopping trays after each use and clean high contact areas all day long.  We observe social distancing. In the event an employee contracts the virus our store will be temporarily closed for cleaning and contact tracing will be initiated to the best of our ability. We are doing our best to work separately and alone. Thank you for your cooperation. Please stay healthy!