Store Policies

1. Shipping and Phone orders:  We ship almost everything the same day and for $3.85.  Sometimes for obvious reasons this could be more but we will discuss that at the time of order.  This is of course usually a phone order.  As you are telling us what you need by phone there is always a possibility of error.  You are assuming responsibility for this.  We do our best and rarely have an issue.  Please read our return policy.

2. Covid:  We really don't have any more restrictions as far as this goes.  We do continue to sanitize trays and heavily handled areas.  Please keep in mind that this is an extremely touchy feely place.  We cannot be responsible for any transmitted illnesses or viruses of any kind.  Hand sanitizer is available to everyone.

3.  Receipts:  Due to the nature of our business an itemized receipt is next to impossible.  If you need such a receipt please let the cashier know before starting your checkout and we will do our best to accommodate you.

4.  Returns:  Due to the nature of our business an ability to provide an itemized receipt is impossible unless directed to do this at the beginning of a sale. Because of this ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have a problem with a product we can take that into consideration for that particular item.  A lot of times we are giving discounts on the fly so returns are pretty much impossible to figure out.  This is the nature of my business.  Please be sure of your purchases before you complete your transactions.

5. CHOKING HAZARD:  Please keep your children supervised!  My store is loaded with small items that can be hazardous to small children who put things in their mouth or up their nose.  We are not responsible for this happening so maintain your munchkins!