Hello, Friends!

Our vintage costume jewelry collection keeps growing! It has become my passion to hunt down and find those special pieces. Remember that I BUY as well as sell. I am actually low since Christmas so please make an appointment to come by with your items and let me make an offer. Also, I do repairs like resetting missing rhinestones and cleaning those ones you want to keep. I am currently learning how to do fine soldering so I'm excited to offer that service as well in the near future. Or I can rework a piece into something more modern and wearable from your broken pieces that are beyond repair.

Christmas Season and Beyond

So I ended up with an amazing Christmas week. Thank you everyone for shopping small businesses. I am hoping the same is true for my fellow biz owners.

It has been a tough year and I am hoping that the Covid 19 vaccines are coming soon. It is with that statement I am letting you all know that we are going to, for the most part, be closed down for the months of January and February. It was a tough decision but I've made it this far and I hate to come down with the virus just before we turn the corner. Especially with this new more spreadable strain lurking in the shadows. I am giving you my home phone land line where you can leave a message to make an appointment, 269-781-2743. Please make sure to leave a return number. Sometimes your numbers don't come thru on caller ID. You can always check the website to see further information. I am considering being open on Saturdays. I have to think this over for a bit. I live close to town and can meet you within a short time.
I know things are wonky right now and I wish I could be more solid about my plans. It's just so difficult to commit to anything.


I am going to do a special "blow out" sale sometime in late February or early March. I want to clear out items I've had for a long time to make room for more vintage jewelry. I am also considering carrying some higher end vintage clothing. I'm so in love with the quality of vintage fabrics. I am also in the process of discussing with my landlord ways to expand my space to the very back of the building by relocating the stairway and bathroom areas. I need more room!! I am going to be adding more findings and beads to my Etsy Shop so on line shopping for the basics will also be available. Things like clasps, head pins, wire, etc. If you go to my web site www.just-bead-it.com there are links there for the Etsy Shop and for my Ebay store. Or go directly from this newsletter by clicking on buttons at bottom of page. You can always "contact us" or email me with an order too. Whatever works for you.

I just want to thank you all so much for your continued support! We are going to be celebrating our 21st year in February. What an amazing journey. I am so blessed to be doing the work I love and so blessed by all of you. I have made many friends through the years and I truly love you all. God never ceases to amaze me by the fellowship we have had in my little store. Your kindness and generosity humbles me and I'm very grateful. I am looking forward to the future and to seeing what comes next! I am very optimistic about all our futures.

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