Services               We now Buy & Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

We do an array of things for customers regarding jewelry and jewelry making.  From repairs to custom work. Sometimes it's as simple as replacing a rhinestone in a pin that was Grandma's.  We have done some pretty outrageous work.  People will bring us all kinds of stuff and all kinds of ideas.  We can work with you and usually accomplish your ideas.  Sometimes we well take an old heirloom necklace and break it apart to create new jewelry to be given to all the great grandchildren.  You name it.  We've probably done it!

REPAIRS are charged at $15 per hour plus materials. Most basic restrings will run around $10-$15.  Most can be done within a few days depending on our work load.
CUSTOM DESIGN FEES are charged per situation.  This fee is only charged if we do a big job and we will need to put a lot of time into the design process.  This fee will be negotiated at the time we discuss the project.

We no longer do Make and Take.  We just don't have the room.  I can do earrings on the spot but not beaded necklaces or bracelets.  I can, however, sell you the necessary supplies and show you how to do it on your own.